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String/Wind Lessons
(lessons available on violin, viola, cello, string bass, clarinet and saxophone)


Children/Teen Lessons

Our lesson program for children and teens utilizes the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum for all instruments. There are so many benefits this curriculum will offer your child/teen, and here are just a few: 


  • structured certification levels from beginning to advanced so you know your child is learning and improving 

  • achievable skills in all areas of musicianship from repertoire, ear-training, sight reading, etudes, technique so you know your child is learning everything they need to 

  • digital tools to make learning easy and enjoyable 

  • a widened variety of repertoire to please all tastes in music  

  • optional certification exams (virtual performances for a third party evaluator) to celebrate achievement 

Your child will be guided through this curriculum at their own pace by one of our expert instructors in weekly private lessons. You can choose between 30,45 or 60 minute lessons, and our instructor will suggest what length of lesson is appropriate for your child in their free trial lesson.


Click below to schedule your free trial! 

Adult Lessons

We understand that adult students want to learn music to enrich their lives and to de-stress from careers and daily obligations. That’s why we tailor our adult program to you, and get to know your lifestyle and goals well so we can provide you with the musical experience that will bring the most joy. 


During your lessons with us you will: 


  • Be reading chordal accompaniment with melody within the first month of lessons to allow you to play songs you really want to play

  • Participate in a partnership-style lesson to avoid feeling like a young student 

  • Attend flexible weekly lessons to fit your busy schedule (we have late evening and Saturday availability) 

  • Receive the coaching of expert instructors so you improve efficiently, even without tons of practice time each week 

You will be guided through the music you want to learn in weekly 30,45 or 60 minute lessons. We look forward to helping you kindle your passion for music and to give you a hobby you truly enjoy.


Click below to schedule your free trial lesson! 

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