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Premiere Piano Program (Ages 10-17)

Your child will say "I did it!" with joy and confidence!


You know that pretty much any person that has been around a piano has heard or played the first few measures of Fur Elise, right? Everyone knows those first few measures! Well, Katherine, a student in our Premiere Piano Program, played those first few measures all the time, too. But, she couldn’t figure out how to play the rest of it and ended up just being frustrated. 


After just two weeks after starting to work on Fur Elise in her lesson, Katherine runs into the room where her dad is sitting and says, “I did it!” Her dad says Katherine “plays more of this piece, and plays it well. She is very proud.”


In the Premiere Piano Program your child will attend one hour-long weekly lesson with our expert piano teacher, Dr. Guerrero. He has taught 1,000's of students how to improve on the piano quickly and with enjoyment!


Here are some more benefits of this special program: 

  • structured levels from beginning to advanced so you know your child is improving and learning 

  • free weekly class in addition to lessons that covers areas of musicianship from repertoire, ear-training, sight-reading, etudes, technique and more to ensure a well-rounded education

  • digital tools to make learning easy and enjoyable 

  • a widened variety of repertoire to keep your child engaged and loving the music they play

  • optional certification exams (virtual performances for a third party evaluator)  through the Royal Conservatory of Music to celebrate your child’s achievements 


We promise your child will receive the absolute best music education experience offered anywhere in Lubbock. So, if your child is a complete beginner or already has some experience on piano, we can help them reach their goals! We are also the only studio in Lubbock that offers the certification program through the Royal Conservatory of Music, so you know your child is learning and improving. 


 Click the button below to schedule your free trial lesson! 

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