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Preparatory Piano Program (Ages 5-9)

"Mom, don't forget my piano lesson is today!" 

This is what one of our students tells her mom every week because she is so excited to come to her piano lesson and learn so quickly! 


We know that piano lessons can feel boring and hard to students, so they end up wanting to quit. But not with us! All of our students have this excited attitude toward piano lessons, and many of them stay with us for years because we make learning fun and easy, and they improve so quickly. 


In the Preparatory Piano Program your child will attend two weekly lessons to provide them more support at the beginning of their piano journey (this extra time also ensures they will improve quickly, relieving the practice fight at home!) This is more studio time than what any other studio in Lubbock offers. 


Here are some more benefits of this program:

  • Begin sight-reading from the first lesson to ensure they learn to read music well 

  • Complete their first method book in 4 months or less (faster than the publisher recommendation)*  

  • Learn in a calm, relaxing environment with quality time on great instruments 

  • Play their songs in fun, engaging ways so they always leave with a smile!

  • Laugh, build a relationship, and feel at-ease with their instructor


Dr. Guerrero, our piano teacher, has helped 1,000’s of students learn piano quickly, easily and enjoy the process!  We promise that your child will, too. So, if your child is a beginner on piano, and you’re wondering if it might be something they really enjoy, this is the program for them!


We also offer several bonuses with our lessons, such as a great practicing app, purchasing books for you, and several performance opportunities throughout the year! 


Click the button below to schedule your absolutely free trial lesson! See you in the studio!

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