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Jesus M. Figueroa Scholarship Program

The Figueroa Scholarship Program was created by Dr. Leobardo Guerrero in memoriam of Maestro Jesus M. Figueroa. 

Maestro Figueroa was a full time piano professor at UNAM (Music Faculty) in Mexico City, and was known for the unconditional support and encouragement he gave to his students, including Dr. Guerrero. We wish to honor his legacy and the impact he had on the lives of his students by creating this scholarship program in his name. 


Our Mission

To provide musical experiences and instruction that enrich the lives of Lubbock children in underserved populations. 



For all young musicians in Lubbock to have the opportunity to receive the support of a private lesson program to help prepare them for their future in music and in other fields. 


About the Program

We act as a liaison between generous private donors who are passionate about helping the Lubbock community through the advancement of the art and motivated students who wish to participate in private lessons. Candidates for the scholarship must exhibit need and be dedicated to meeting certain criteria to receive the scholarship. These include having stellar lesson attendance, following the Royal of Conservatory of Music Curriculum and participating in two performances per year. 

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