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Guitar Program

"My son has improved a ton...even without practicing a lot at home." 

This is what one of our studio moms said after just a month of lessons in our guitar program. Taught by experienced performers and teachers, our guitar lessons and classes help our students stay engaged and make learning guitar feel easy and fun. 

In their lessons, our students: 

  • Have a balance of private lesson and group time to make learning fun and effective

  • Get more time in studio each week that won't break the bank

  • Learn songs they want to play from the first lessons to keep them from hating practicing

  • Follow a structured curriculum to ensure they are learning everything they need to be successful  

  • Learn correct technique to avoid injury and frustration for long-term involvement in music 

Here is Grant performing Tennessee Whiskey at our Fall 2021 Recital with instructor, Craig Elliott: 


We offer private weekly lessons in the lengths of 30, 45 or 60 minutes to students of all ages (6+) and experience levels. In addition to their private lessons, they will also attend a 1 hour weekly group classes to work on anything from fundamentals to certain genres of music. We guarantee that you or your child will improve quickly, have fun and be playing the music you want from the first lesson! 

We also include the books you will need for lessons with the price of tuition, so starting is convenient and hassle-free! 

Click the green button below to schedule your free trial lesson! 

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